What is ACTIVTox?

ACTIVTox products are readily available, high-throughput, in vitro human liver assay kits that measure liver toxicity or P450 CYP1A induction. ACTIVTox is a logical alternative to expensive and variable human primary hepatocytes and can effectively replace the in vivo animal testing that is discouraged by the REACH mandate. This system is perfect for early drug discovery and product development as well as the testing of botanical supplements, potentially dangerous chemical substances, and hazardous waste.

Unlike other human liver cell lines, ACTIVTox is built around a stable, highly characterized, patented human liver cell line possessing the functions of an adult liver cell. Capable of gluconeogenesis, it produces liver-specific proteins such as apolipoprotein and albumin, and exhibits Phase II metabolism as well as the appropriate p450 enzymes. The ACTIVTox cells are robust, reproducible, and adaptable to high-throughput assays. These features make ACTIVTox an excellent tool for studying human liver biology.

IC50 in ACTIVTox versus IC50 in Primary Hepatocytes graph

IC50 in ACTIVTox versus IC50 in Primary Hepatocytes. r2=0.96

Hepatotoxicity Kit & Services

Hepatotoxicity is a common cause of failure in new drug development. ACTIVTox, based on a human liver cell, provides Rapid results, allowing you to collect and evaluate data in real time. The data are Reliable, closely reproducing the results found with human primary hepatocytes. The GLP banked and characterized ACTIVTox cell line gives Reproducible results. ACTIVTox is Ready-To-Use with cells, medium and reagents all in the same kit.

Learn how to enhance and accelerate your testing for hepatotoxic compounds.

ACTIVTox detects several common CYP1A inducers

CYP1A Induction Kit & Services

P450 CYP1A induction can often result in drug-drug interactions. ACTIVTox can be used to evaluate your compounds for their effect on the levels of CYP1A, an enzyme often involved in carcinogen activation. The assay is Rapid; an overnight incubation of your compound is sufficient. The results are Reliable, reflecting human metabolism. The assays are Reproducible, with a standard low level of uninduced CYP1A activity. ACTIVTox is Ready-To-Use with cells, medium and reagent in the same kit.

Learn how to enhance and accelerate your testing for potentially carcinogenic p450 CYP1A inducers.

Other assays (apoptosis, proliferation and pgp) are available upon request. Please contact us at 281-679-7900 x11 for more information.

Data Sets

We have screened thousands of compounds in the ACTIVTox assays.

Download data sets featuring a variety of these compounds assayed with the ACTIVTox kits.

Structure-Toxicity Relationships

ACTIVTox can distinguish toxicity among closely related structures.
View the results of a series of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.